Isn’t the Scottish weather wonderful?

Winter is a particular challenge, with problems caused by wind, rain, snow and freezing temperatures.

We at Mundells Landscapes would like to put your mind at ease, if you’re worrying about suffering the effects.

Our expert tree surgeons and experienced groundstaff are here to help.

If you are unlucky enough to suffer storm damage we will come out to assess it within a couple of hours of your call. In an emergency, we can deal with any issues very quickly. Otherwise we can usually clear, repair or otherwise resolve issues within a fortnight.

Remember you can prevent a lot of damage by simply assessing your garden now – if there are trees with branches that could suffer in the winds, or embankments ripe for flooding, don’t hope for the best, prepare for the worst. We’ll happily come out and quote free of charge for any work required.

We also offer a snow clearing and gritting service to our corporate clients, who appreciate our quick and thorough service.

There is enough to worry about at this time of year without storms stressing you out, so give us a call on 01505 850 406 or drop us an email