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How to add colour to your garden in December

If you’ve been pulling on your thermals and scraping ice off your car lately don’t despair! Winter can be a beautiful time of year. Cold crisp sunny days and sparkly frost are invigorating – and your garden doesn’t need to look bleak!


Plant your tubs with cheerful, vibrant cyclamen, whose red, white, pink and purple blooms look fantastic next to evergreen grasses or miniature trees.


There is still time to plant those tulip bulbs (provided the ground isn’t too frozen). Pick a spot visible from a window so you can remind yourself on even the darkest days that spring is waiting just under the surface…


We had a glorious summer this year and were spoiled with beautiful flowers everywhere we looked as parks and gardens burst into bloom. But the flowers have had their turn. Winter is the time to celebrate shrubs and all the texture, scent and shape that they offer.


Winter is a good time to try something totally different – like a mushroom-growing kit – or to harvest plants for Christmas decorations. Holly with berries will keep in a vase of water until you can weave them into a wreath or arrange them on a mantelpiece. If you enjoy having some festive Poinsettia around the house, remember to let the soil dry out slightly between waterings. That way it will last into 2014.


Maybe it’s time to redesign your whole garden – put in a smart patio or relay the driveway. What a great Christmas present that would be! We can help – give Mundells a call for a free quote: 01505 850 406.