domestic landscaping

New garden for a new year

If you’ve ever watched a home makeover programme and sighed as the garden is turned into a beautiful oasis, maybe 2014 is the year to transform your own outdoors.

The main concern voiced to us at Mundells is the cost – people have an unrealistic view of how expensive landscaping is. We can, and do, work to customers’ budgets.

Spending money on your garden adds value to your property, so you should view it as an investment. Plus it’s your space, you can decide how simple or elaborate you want your garden to be.

Perhaps you would like a patio to enjoy the good weather and extend the space you have for socializing. Maybe you’re fed up with your driveway and would love a smooth, attractive entrance to your property. In many cases a garden is our customers’ haven and they wish to add a water feature, a beautiful deck or hand built dry stone wall. If you have lots of ideas but you’re not sure which would work best, we are very happy to work with you on a design that fits the bill.

Our designers are very experienced and can advise on all aspects of your garden, from positioning, to planting and pruning. Our team of gardeners are fully trained and insured – they’re also very tidy!

Every business claims to focus on quality, but we genuinely do. We believe in keeping the channels of communication open throughout the project so that our customers are always informed and always satisfied.

We are just as delighted as our customers when we view the final result and have received many lovely letters and emails praising our work.

If you would like a free quote, just give us a call. We are always happy to chat, 01505 850 406.