Dry Stone Walls

Dry Stone Walls – a history

Dry Stane Dykes have been a beautiful feature of the Scottish landscape for hundreds – even thousands of years. They tell a story about their area; the local stone that’s been quarried, the way the land has been used and wildlife that’s sheltered by it or grown over it as the years have passed.

A dyke is built like an intricate jigsaw puzzle, with stones carefully chosen and placed. There is no mortar used to hold it all together – amazing when you think of the centuries these walls have stood. The oldest dry stane dykes in Scotland are found in Orkney, in the village of Skara Brae, where they date back over 3500 years. Across Britain these beautiful structures are most commonly found where trees and hedges don’t easily grow – due to high winds or thin soils.

If you are at all environmentally aware, you will appreciate all the added benefits of a dry stane dyke. Not only could it stand for over 100 years, it will also provide shelter for birds and animals, a rich habitat for mosses and lichens and the perfect breeding ground for insects, birds and small mammals.

With the upsurge in interest in these historic walls, the Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain was founded. The DSWA aims to promote knowledge of the traditional craft and encourage repair and maintenance wherever possible. Mundells is very proud to be a nationally accredited craftsman with the DSWA and is delighted so many customers are asking about this service.

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